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Simple, adaptable, effective, sophrology seduces by its rapidity of action.

It is accessible to all (except in case of contra medical indication) from the child to the elderly, in private or professional life.

Sophrology can accompany people:

In the field of learning, not only to strengthen the intellectual activity of pupils, students and teachers (action on concentration, memorization) but also to control emotions, strengthen confidence and use the resources of the body (breathing, evacuation of tension).

In the social and prophylactic field, that is to say, it is aimed at all those who want to make an approach to the well being in daily life and acquire tools to better manage their personal, social or professional life, it proposes to take care of oneself.

In the world of work, employees and managers of companies, job seekers and retirees… in order to harmonize their personal and professional lives and better manage tensions at work.

In the clinical field with maternity preparation, the management of addictions: smoking cessation, alcohol, etc. disorders of eating behaviour and weight regulation, pain management, preparation for interventions, psychosomatic diseases, changes in body pattern and rehabilitation and stress management.

In the sports and artistic fields to allow a noticeable improvement in concentration, stress management, breathing, preparation, motivation or even recovery from shortness of breath.


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