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At the beginning of my professional career, I was a social worker, I practised several years with teenagers and adults in great psychological difficulties.
Then I became Mom…
And then my children grew up, some left the cozy nest to live their adventures. It was, I must admit, a difficult time … I lost a little of my reason for living.

I felt the need to do sophrology … for 6 years I attended group sessions. It did me a lot of good!
Personally, sophrology allows me to take a step back, to have a better knowledge of my body and myself and to manage my emotions.  Becoming a sophrologist then seemed obvious to me.  I wanted very much to help, to share, and to transmit all that sophrology could bring. That is to say to bring tools to better live the present moment and thus strive for more serenity and harmony!

For 2 years, I trained at the ESOPHRO school in Nantes and obtained the RNCP certification (national directory of professional certifications). Today, I am delighted to be able to welcome you in order to help you to Better Being in your daily life and to be Actor of your life thanks among other things to small tools very simple to acquire…