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We all have the tools to practice sophrology, just work on them and learn how to use them. Over time, we will build our toolbox that will include:

To optimize the effectiveness of exercises and techniques, the sessions are performed in a state of consciousness between sleep and sleep, which Caycedo called sophroliminal state.

It is a particular state where you are very receptive/ve to your feelings, and to what the sophrologist can bring out, evoke… it activates your resources, energize your potential and positively your mind.

It is a state where the level of physical vigilance is reduced to give way to increased mental activity. The thoughts, the sensations, the emotions are welcomed in all phenomenology, that is to say without judgement or priori.  All the exercises experienced during the sessions can be transposed into everyday life because the essential goal of sophrology is to make you AUTONOMOUS, to allow you to become ACTOR of your own life …to no longer live like a ROBOT

For this sophrology requires a real commitment from YOU. It is essential that the exercises seen in session are practiced on a daily basis.  We, the sophrologist, do not have a magic wand or «super powers» but we can help you in your everyday life. We are like “gardeners” who sow seeds to give you the opportunity to live:

  • a life in keeping with your own values.

  • a life fully, as you chose it


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