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Sophrology also has its place in working with the youngest!

Because of my experience as a mother of 4 children and my professional experience (Social Assistant in an IME and Maternal Assistant), I will happily welcome children from 6 years and pre-teens to help them:

Improve their sleep quality
Develop their ability to relax
Better understanding of their bodies and their transformations
Managing learning disabilities
Preparing for exams
Take a step back
Work on managing emotions.

The first session, the child is welcomed with his parent to determine the expectations, present the sophrology and carry out an anamnesis.
Subsequent sessions will only be with the child.
The sessions last 45 minutes followed by a little time with the parent to discuss only the exercises seen in session.

This moment aims to accompany your child to the practice of exercises in his daily life.

The principle of repetition is one of the keys to the success of sophrology. These exercises will be his tools to better manage difficult situations.
Practicing with your child will be a beautiful moment of sharing but will also bring you a better being!
A session includes:

Sophrology explained to children

Sophrology is like a journey…

Imagine that sophrology is a small train that you will be the driver who will take you:
Discover the life that is in you by becoming aware of your emotions
Identify your extraordinary abilities, your resources ….
Explore your body with your sensations

In the beginning you will lose yourself a little, have fun using some passages, then gradually, you will know the paths in the smallest details!
This journey through you will help you in your daily life .. to have a more positive vision of what you are going through!
When you know your body well, when you learn to listen to it, to feel the sensations and emotions, when you pay attention to your breathing, all these phenomena then become real tools with which you can play, experience new things and use them in everyday life. As for example at school, at home, with your friends, to manage your fears, your anger, your sadness, your lack of confidence…. or maybe just to improve your concentration!

So I suggest you take this trip together.
I will help you, guide you to find your way …. to find the right tools to develop your ability to be aware (e) of what you are going through, to simply be in the present moment.

How to make this little trip?

We will do fun exercises of breathing, visualization, relaxation, anchoring, evacuation of tensions….

We can also use card games, objects
We’ll listen to sophrological tales

Finally, we will practice sophrology techniques that will require to be in a sophroliminal level between sleep and sleep …



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