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Sophrology was for me a real discovery, I tried for a long time different techniques to feel better, to feel less stressed, but often it did not work. One day, Virginie offered me to do a session, and it was really amazing. His approach to sophrology allows us to feel really confident, we listen to his soft and clear voice and we are gone for a relaxing session. At the end of each session I felt much lighter and less tense, the difference was incredible! I applied and still apply her exercises and thanks to her I saw a real change in my life. I’m much less stressed, I sleep much better, I manage to take more steps back and manage my emotions.
21 ans
It was my osteopath who saw me quite regularly for neck problems or the blocked lower back that told me about the sophrology that it could help me relax and especially to be less speed , and Yes I don’t arrive (well now I can say did happen)not to ask, always in action, want everything to be clean, house in order, Great meal, top at work.... I must admit that I thought it was not for me! That was before my meeting with Virginie! I was the first astonished and that from the first sessions of good made sophro on me, land, take the time to breathe, listen, feel his body , During the sessions I learned different techniques to relax, fight against parasitic ideas, to fall asleep ... Now in my daily life I use these techniques, and above all I don’t feel guilty if I want to rest, just close my eyes to breathe, take a book, listen to music, sports, walking with my friends... and the most amazing thing is that my osteopath doesn’t see me anymore THANK YOU Virginie , for all the little tricks to use in everyday life , your presence, your listening when you feel that I go back in my little ways
54 ans
Sophrology helps me sleep better thanks to exercises and relaxation and breathing stories. I have more confidence in myself with the small exercises to find the signal gestures that help me reduce my stress. It also taught me to know my body better and to identify my emotions and therefore to find solutions to accept my fears. Like that I also knew one more person and his family very nice.
10 ans