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Sophrology is an art of living that allows:
  • strengthen positive attitudes and values in a personal or professional field on a daily basis

  • feel more comfortable in our body and mind

  • to accept ourselves as we are

  • to become aware of ourselves

  • to rise, to step back, to make fair and good choices for us in accordance with our own values

  • to rise, to step back, to make fair and good choices for us in accordance with our own values

  • better manage stress, emotions

  • better manage physical, emotional pain, fatigue

Sophrology is a positive training method, whose goal is the search for well-being, the maintenance of one’s own well-being, harmony, peace and balance between body and mind. It is composed of simple, effective, easily applicable body exercises and techniques, such as breathing, positive visualization, relaxation and precise body movements.


This recent discipline was created in 1960 by Alfonso Caycedo, who died in 2017.
Some fundamental principles
Principle of the body pattern as lived reality, in sophrology the body pattern encompasses the way we perceive our body (shape, posture volume, balance..) the emotional and emotional aspect, our values, our beliefs, our experiences… it constantly evolves. The objective is to live our body pattern as it is in reality and not as we imagine.
Principle of positive action.  “Any positive action directed towards one of our structures (body, mental emotion) automatically has a positive impact on our other structures.” A regular practice of positive thinking leads us to more well being.  For example, if you think about a good time to share with friends, your (mental) family you feel happy/happy/happy (emotion), your body is relaxed, relaxed without tension (body)…this is the principle of positive action.
The law of living and repetition.  Living is the encounter of the body and the spirit in the depth of the consciousness, in other words it is «what we feel». It is important to activate one’s life to be more attentive to the life that is in us. The principle of repetition is also important in sophrology. It is necessary to be able to repraticate in his daily life the exercises lived in session in order to integrate well all the benefits felt. So in case of need, they can be remobilized.


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